Does football have the power to unite the world?

“Eleven” is the story of eleven, eleven-year-old children from eleven different countries as they prepare together for the game of their lives.

“Eleven” is non-profit documentary spearheading a campaign that aims to use the power of football to break communication barriers, celebrate diversity and create social cohesion. The production is an international collaboration between eleven countries, each with their own local director and producer. We work side by side with charities that support children in the participating countries. All distribution profits will be used to support these charities.

We follow eleven children from around the globe, as they come together to form a football team that will play a match against a more experienced opposition. With their common stay and training as a framework, we dive into their individual and unique stories at home. From the cosmopolitan streets of Copenhagen, to the World Cup-crazed favelas of Rio, eleven eleven-year-olds invite us on an extraordinary journey as we try to discover how football affects their lives.

How similar is their approach to life and its everyday challenges? What are their hopes and dreams? How do their family and culture influence how they perceive the world? What football means to then? We will witness these children meet and train together, evolving from a group of eleven strangers into a real football team in just a few days! Their common journey will be a testiment of unity against fear and proof that when we work together, little is impossible... #WeCanDoItAllTogether

Yaseen (11) from London is afraid of spiders. Gisele (11) from New Orleans is afraid of snakes. Mario (11) from Barcelona is afraid of the dark.

Let's make sure they will never be afraid of each other.

Join the journey now!

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