“Eleven” is a documentary that uses the power of football to celebrate diversity and help children in need. How differently do we experience life at the transitional age of eleven? This is the story of eleven, eleven-year-old children from eleven different countries as they prepare for the game of their lives…

“Eleven” is also the centre of the ‘Eleven Campaign’; a campaign aiming to use the power of football to unite people and celebrate diversity whilst helping children in need.. “Eleven” is a non-profit project produced by Pied Piper Pictures Entertainment Ltd and Matchbox Productions Ltd in collaboration with Collaborate Ideas & Images, Spirit Sister Productions, Awkward Film Productions, Cinemão, Maranduva Filmes, Dust Productions and Target Filmes. We are working side by side with charities that support children and education through sport, with all profits from the documentary going straight to them.

Using football – a sport adored by millions – as common ground, “Eleven” aims to explore the similarities and differences between children from eleven different countries at the transitional age of eleven. Through this documentary we will examine how football affects these children’s lives, drawing parallels between society and football. Despite their initial differences, how similar is their approach to life and its everyday challenges? If we all start as a blank canvas, how much of the surface has been left intact at the age of eleven?


The story is divided into 2 main sections, the individual stories from each country and their time together. From their efforts and achievements on the training ground, to the ones of every day life back home, we will examine their approach to different challenges and to what life has to offer. We will look into their individual stories, as well as observe them as a group during their joint venture, focusing on the personal relationships they develop between them.


Why did we choose football?

It is the “beautiful game.” Well-loved around the world – all ages, races, and genders watch it, enraptured by its stars and their abilities, but more significantly, by the way in which eleven players come together, and win together as a team. Football is a universal language.  Could it be because playing football brings out the child in us?

We will ask questions such as; what are their core values? What are their hopes and dreams? Why are they playing football in the first place? Is football a means to escape reality for them?

“Eleven” attempts to provide answers to these questions, and prove once and for all that football has the power to unite the world.


Through a vivid and emotional story that documents the daily activity of an eleven-year-old child in eleven different countries, each rich with its own culture, experiences and opinions. This 90-minute documentary will take its audience on an educational journey into the lives of these children. We will witness these children meet and train together, evolving from a group of eleven strangers into a real football team, in just a few days! There will be awkward moments of shy miscommunication, maybe even frustration, as well as teamwork and, hopefully, laughter.

The Game

The climax of the documentary will be the football match between the eleven children and one of the best football academies in the world. While the result of this game won’t be important, the outcome of their experience together will be. It can inspire both the children and the audience to look a little deeper into the things that unite us rather than what keeps us apart. This will be a truly moving spectacle in the history of football.

Supporting “Eleven” means that you support equality, diversity and the belief that when we are working together, little is impossible.

“Eleven” is more than just a documentary – it is a campaign. This project aims to gather an entire following for “Eleven” through viral videos, music and artwork. We want the world to reach out together and, even if just for one second, call out the word ‘Eleven’. Eleven Campaign has four aims. To use the unifying power of football to:

  • Bring together children, filmmakers, and an audience from across the world.
  • Build awareness of global cultures.
  • Fight discrimination.
  • Raise money for children in need around the world

11 directors, 11 chapters, 1 story

Participating Countries: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, USA.

We hope to create the most honest narrative and representation of the countries that we possibly can. We wish to join every country together in the journey of making “Eleven”. For that reason we have selected a director and production team based in each country and we are collaborating with them to capture the footage. Who better to know the streets of Rio than those who live there? Who better to bring us the most in-depth accounts of the children of Barcelona than someone who has shared the same experiences? What better way to get an audience buzzing, and a story shared, than to involve eleven countries in its creation?

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