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Our world is in crisis. We only need to look at the news to see the millions of children displaced, suffering, and struggling with day-to-day existence. Football is something that can give them a moment of joy in the chaos of their lives, as families from all walks of life have access to a ball. Our aim, of course, is not to highlight poverty or complicated political situations, but to show the power of one small object in a person’s life. The football phenomenon represents unity and gives the opportunity to be part of a team, a game, a celebration.

In the past year, significant attention has been given to violence and racism in football, as it can be seen from the following tabloid headlines:

“Ban this sick filth: Why it’s time for football fans to kick out anti-Semitism for good”

-Dan Silver, The Mirror.

 “The time has come for football fans to clean up the game they love.”

-Anthony Clavane, The Sunday Times.

“Football’s day of shame with violence, racism and a head-butt”

-Mark Ryan, The Daily Mail.

We hope whole-heartedly that the message of our campaign will combat this rise in animosity and revert people’s minds back to the true beauty of the game.

Imagine a football game with eleven children from across the world and eleven of their country’s premier players with them. What stronger universal message could one create?

The whole world could be watching…